Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaners How to choose

How to Choose a Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaner

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Vertical battery vacuum cleaners have quite a few advantages over the usual horizontal, classic ones. One of the main, perhaps, is the lack of an electrical cable that “tie” the device to a power outlet. No switching from the outlet to the outlet when changing rooms during cleaning.  Also read – 13 best battery powered vacuum Cradisartyokl. Accumulator vacuum cleaners are usually lighter than usual, and the vertical form factor, in our opinion, facilitates the use of the vacuum cleaner, makes it more convenient for the user – there is no hose, which, incidentally, also often interferes with, do not need to move the vacuum cleaner along the floor, even on the floor wheels.

There are some disadvantages too. The same “battery principle”, which eliminates the electric wire, can not provide the vacuum cleaner with a constant work – the battery charge ends sooner or later, which means that cleaning is over. The subsequent charging of the battery, even if partial, takes some time. Another disadvantage is the relatively small volume of the dust container, compared with classic vacuum cleaners, which leads to the need to clean it more often.

It is impossible not to say and about the power of suction – it has battery models, of course, less than the classics. Moreover, it is noticeably less, which is not surprising, since manufacturers need to provide a reasonable ratio of suction power and the operating time of the vacuum cleaner from the battery, which leads to the need to somehow sacrifice something. However, efforts are also being made to compensate for low suction power – because the wireless model design provides a rotating brush that literally combs the carpeting, and also helps to collect dust and dirt from the hard floor.

For the sake of fairness, we should note that there is no official parameter for the suction power, as there is no single technology for measuring this power, but some manufacturers still indicate the average or maximum value for their vacuum cleaners, measured by their own methods.
Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaner

Scope of application

It is believed that a modern battery-powered vertical vacuum cleaner is rather an auxiliary unit, for an easy daily maintenance procedure for cleanliness. In principle, you can use it and so, and even need, if you live in a large apartment. However, today, taking into account, among other things, the high cost of housing, very popular are small one-room apartments, apartments of the “studio” type. So, for such apartments, where modern materials are used as floor coverings: laminate, linoleum, parquet, carpet or carpet with not very high pile (not very “viscous”), the battery vacuum cleaner may well be the main one: the characteristics of modern models , as well as our experience in operating devices of this type allow us to affirm this with all responsibility.

As already noted, modern battery vacuum cleaners are often made in the “2 in 1” format, that is, in fact you get two vacuum cleaners – one for general dry cleaning, and another for quick cleaning of various surfaces if necessary: ​​sprinkled with flour, sugar, tea, corn flakes, broke a cup, etc. In this case, there is no need for additional storage space for a “small” vacuum cleaner – it is inserted back into the “big” case. This is clearly a positive moment for the owners of small apartments. Actually, accumulator stick vacuum cleaners even in assembled form occupy much less space than horizontal classics, besides, they are usually quite interesting in terms of design and hide them behind the wardrobe or on the loggia is not necessary – the interior will not spoil.


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