Best Vacuum Cleaner for Tile and Wood Floors

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Tile and Wood Floors

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Despite the huge selection of floor coverings, hardwood floors are still preferred by most homeowners, for their unique and elegant appearance. Nevertheless, wooden floors need proper cleaning and maintenance, so as not to lose spectacular appearance. In this article you will find useful tips on cleaning wooden floors. Parquet floors are cherished for their elegant appearance, rich texture and natural beauty

Beautiful Wooden Floor Clean

But you must keep the beautiful wooden floor clean , protecting it from dirt, dust and stains, the only way you can keep vacuum cleaner stylish look for many years. However, there is no need to worry, because cleaning for tile and wood floors is not the most difficult task. How to keep wooden floors clean In spite of the hardwood floors are durable and easily serve for ten years, they are susceptible to scratches and dents.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Tile and Wood Floors

Regular cleaning will help prevent scratches, since it helps to remove abrasive substances, including dust and dirt. Dust and dirt serve as sandpaper. They can scratch the surface of the wooden floor, which over time will lead to a faded wood texture. It is for this reason that daily cleaning helps to protect the floor from dust, dirt and fading. You can use a mop for daily cleaning, along with a vacuum cleaner, which you need to use once or twice a week.

Do not use brooms with stiff bristles, and the vacuum cleaner should be worn with a specialized nozzle, otherwise, you can scratch the floors. You will need a special nozzle with a soft brush for wooden floors. Wooden floors can not boast a significant protection against water, so it is not recommended to use a lot of water for cleaning, especially if you observe the wear of the varnished layer.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Tile and Wood Floors

Floors with worn out areas of varnished coating or sealant may be damaged by interaction with water. So, make sure that the floor and its finishing layer are in good condition before using water to clean the floor. If the floor is in good condition, you can use a steam sweeper to clean the surface.

First, use best vacuum cleaner for tile and wood floors soapy water to gently wipe the surface, and then use fresh water. Now, dry the area with a soft and dry towel / rag. If the wood floor is covered with a polyurethane coating, then a dry mop should be used for cleaning.

Hardwood Cleaners

If you are concerned about the use of hardwood cleaners, you can use a mild detergent with a neutral pH. Means that contain aggressive chemicals, including ammonia or products based on it, are not suitable for cleaning wooden floors. The same applies to abrasive cleaners.

Before using any commercial floor cleaner, try it on a small and inconspicuous area to prevent possible damage to the floor. To clean the stains, alcohol is an excellent option. Many people also use a mixture of vinegar and water, which not only cleans, but also removes the smell from the floor.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Tile and Wood Floors

However, regular use of vinegar can lead to fading. Waxing and polishing will also help you restore the shine of the wooden floor or parquet. But floors that have a polyurethane coating do not require waxing.

Regular cleaning is enough to keep the shine of such a floor. Nevertheless, do not forget to place the door mats at the entrance to reduce the spread of dirt and stains on the wooden floor. Use door mats or carpets specifically designed for parquet / wooden floors. In addition to regular cleaning, proper care and maintenance to keep the appeal of the wooden floor for a decade, it is important to know other points.

Never move furniture around the floor. Instead, use sliding pads for furniture, and on the legs of furniture you need to use rubber gaskets. Do not allow the floor to be exposed to direct sunlight, and do not walk on the floor in high-heeled shoes. For proper maintenance and cleaning, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the user’s manual.

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